Eviction Law Myths

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Florida eviction laws may look intimidating at the outset. But on closer scrutiny, they are actually easy and convenient legal tools for landlords and lenders. Although Florida eviction laws have received negative publicity for a long time, they are slowly gaining credibility. Given that these laws offer parity, they give an opportunity for the homeowner and also the lending bank.

Myths Surrounding Foreclosure Suits

There are certain myths surrounding foreclosure suits by banks. Homeowners are led to believe that they don’t pay-up if a bank or a lender initiated a foreclosure suit. This type of misinformation provokes a knee-jerk response in homeowners. They tend to be sunk by the feeling of losing a home. 

In actuality, a foreclosure suit does not rob homeowners of their home. Florida eviction laws allow homeowners to be the sole owners of their property. The homeowner still pays property taxes and complies with municipal codes.

Florida Eviction Law for Homeowners

Under the law, homeowners have the statutory right to repay the loan. This gives homeowners time, resources and advice required to repay the loan. This also means that the lender’s foreclosure suit ceases to proceed. But for this to happen, the homeowner must express interest in repaying or at least seek a loan modification.

As with anything, there are two sides to it. When the homeowner seeks loan-modification, they automatically become a defaulter. But the hardest part is to get lenders to modify loans. According to recent statistics released by Florida eviction law imposers, getting lenders to modify loans takes a series of processes and efforts.

How can Homeowners Modify Loans?

Loan modification is not a week-long crash course. It takes the experience of property consultants and attorneys to start this process. Homeowners may invoke the services of attorneys for negotiating with lenders on their behalf. It is important to choose attorneys who specialize in foreclosure.

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